Heritage Advice

Weir Phillips Heritage and Planning provides heritage advisory services throughout all stages and phases of heritage projects. Our intimate knowledge of the statutory approvals processes will assist you in successfully navigating legislation at local, state, and Commonwealth levels. Some examples of the types of heritage advice Weir Phillips Heritage and Planning can provide are:

  • Site development potential
  • Project development advice
  • Pre-purchase advice
  • Feasibility studies
  • Peer reviews
  • Land and Environment Court advice.

Adaptive Reuse Advice and Opportunities

Weir Phillips Heritage and Planning can provide advice in the sensitive conversion of heritage-listed sites and buildings to new uses. This includes advice on access for people with disabilities, fire services and fire safety issues.

Statements of Heritage Impacts

Statements of Heritage Impact (SoHI) are required where alterations and additions are taking place to a heritage item, adjacent to a heritage item, in the vicinity of a heritage item or in a Conservation Area. In these circumstances, it is a statutory requirement that a SoHI accompanies a Development Application. Advice can also be provided to assist with the passage of the Development Application.

Conservation Management Plans/Strategy

A Conservation Management Plan (CMP) is a comprehensive heritage document that assesses the significance of a place and provides practical guidelines and policies for its future. Where a full CMP is not required, it may be replaced with a Conservation Management Strategy (CMS), a shorter document provided where conservation issues are less complex.

Photographic Archival Recording

Photographic Archival Recordings are often required as a condition of development consent. A Photographic Archival Recording creates a permanent record of a historic site prior to major change, i.e. demolition and construction, taking place. We produce Photographic Archival Recordings in accordance with the NSW Heritage Office guideline – Archival Recording of Heritage Items Using Film or Digital Capture.

Heritage and Urban Planning

We work with urban planning consultancies and government agencies on major infrastructure and urban planning projects, providing advice that enables the delivery of major projects whilst providing appropriate heritage outcomes.

Heritage Interpretation Plans and Strategies

Our Heritage Interpretation Plans and Strategies promote the understanding of heritage values and the significance of a site through compelling storytelling and are grounded in strong historic research.

Applications, Permits and Approvals

We can assist with heritage and planning approvals by providing authoritative representation and support to your project.

Heritage Expert Witness

James Phillips acts as an expert witness in the NSW Land and Environment Court. Expert witness work includes assisting in Section 34 mediation conferences and the provision of written and oral expert evidence.

Historic Research

Our team are highly trained historic researchers. We use historic plans, maps, documents, oral histories, and photographs etc. found in our library, private collections government libraries and archives to reveal the history of a place.

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